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Pat Ahearne's Mastermind Athlete Peer Group on The Way of Sports

Learn about my Mastermind Group where I guide current and former elite athletes to personal and professional success.

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Success Beyond Sport

My Mastermind Peer Group is for elite athletes dedicated to success beyond sport. As group chair, I help stimulate thinking, guide discussions, and support members' personal and professional growth.

Peer Group Teammates

You're not alone in your desire and plans for success. Your peer group members share your desire.



My group members are encouraged and supported in professional growth.


Without personal success, not much else matters. And personal success matters in my group.


The Power of the Group

Gather twelve or so high-performing athletes together and the potential is enormous. Members help each other to solve their most pressing business concerns through a process we call peer advisory.


A Successful Model

My group is supported by Trilogy Athletes and modeled after executive peer advisory groups in existence for over 50 years.


  • The Model +

    My Group is modeled after successful business executive organizations like TEC and Vistage who have guided executives to success in group settings for over 50 years.
  • Who's eligible? +

    My Group is for professional athletes, Olympians, and participants of their country's National Team program.
  • The Coaching Staff +

    My group has access to an array of world-class experts to accelerate the learning curve and make plans happen faster.
  • Who am I? +

    I'm an ex-Major League pitcher enjoying success beyond sport, trained in guiding my members to success in a group setting.
  • Who are you? +

    You're hungry, a problem solver, love to learn, looking for more fuel for your success, and ready to venture out of your comfort zone. Yet, sometimes feeling alone in this, unsure what's next , but knowing you need to feed the hunger.
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You're on the Way

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