Friday, February 27, 2015
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Welcome I'm Coach Pat and I'd like to welcome you.  The Way of Baseball is born out of a wish to pass on my baseball experience and the methods that helped me.  It's about developing players and passing on skills used for a lifetime.
Mental Game Techniques For those who shy away from "sports psychology" and still think that preparing and strengthening yourself mentally is a sign of weakness AND...
Vision Training What comes to mind when you hear the words Vision Training?  How about Visual Performance?  What about when you hear the term "eyesight"?  Did you know that your eyes are a direct extension of the brain and when you train your eyes, you train your brain?
How we train... The Way of Baseball is an online baseball training facility, but it is much more than that.  We call the concept Integrated Training and it's the method we use to train our athletes. Baseball is a demanding sport physically and mentally and requires well developed skills to compete at any level.  

The Way of Baseball, presented by Pat Ahearne

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Consider The Way of Baseball a storehouse of baseball information for you to continue with success and enjoyment on your Way of Baseball.  Baseball skills  such as pitching technique and pitching mechanics are here as well as baseball hitting, defense and base running upcoming. 


Beyond baseball skills, develop yourself as a player and a person by training and preparation in other areas of performance.  A complete baseball athlete is prepared physically, mentally, nutritionally and with their vision performance. 


From almost a lifetime spent competing in baseball here are some of the recommendations for baseball athletes that are proven, tested and work to develop your skills as a baseball player, pitcher or hitter and get you further along your Way of Baseball.

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